Quimby, Gourley (lay), Brooks, Jory

Jory, James: Born: 7 Aug 1787, Cornwall, England: M: Mary Stevens: date 1814
Jory, John Hicks : Born: 17 Jul 1815, Cornwall, England: M: Caroline Budd: 1846
Jory. Mary Ann: Born: 29 June, 1817, Cornwall, England: M: John Fenn: 1839
Jory, James III: Born: 9 Sept, 1820, Cornwall, England: M: Sarah Ann Budd 1846
Jory, Elizabeth: Born: 16 Jun, 1822, Cornwall, England: M: John Fenn 1849
Jory, Henry C. Born: 7 Apr 1824, Cornwall, England: M: Martha Jane Van Pelt 1850
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Dau: Jory,Eliza Maria: Born: 11 Oct, 1959, Berlin, IL, M: Richard Wainright Quimby 1885
Gd: Quimby, Henry Jory: Born: 19 jul, 1896, Gridley, CA, M: Blanche Elizabeth Gourley 1921
Mo:Quimby. Hazel Maxine: Born: 19 Feb, 1928, K Falls, OR, M: Robert Douglas Walker, 1946 Me: Walker, Robert David: Born 18 Oct, 1948, K Falls, OR, M: Janice Ruth Graham 1967

James Jory's children Continued:::-------------------------------------------------->

Jory, Thomas Clinton: Born: 20 Jun 1826, Cornwall, England, M: to Katherine Leabo 1856
Jory, William C: Born: 20 Sept 1828, Cornwall, England, M: Jane Elizabeth Moore 1856
Jory, Jane: Born: 23 jul 1831, New Brunswick, CT
Jory, Hugh Stephen, Born: 28 Nov, 1833, New Brunswick, CT, M: Mary May Budd 1857

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